DAF Benchmark Study

Finally, a benchmark to provide nonprofits with insight into DAF donor behavior!

Benchmark studies have given nonprofits great insight into how their efforts compare to other nonprofits organizations of their size and within their sector. Given the dramatic increase in Donor Advised Fund giving and Donor Advised Fund accounts, the time is right for the DAF Benchmark Study.

Seeing the dramatic rise in Donor Advised Fund (DAF) giving and accounts, K2D Strategies and Chariot launched the first-ever DAF Benchmark Study.

We have reached full capacity for participants and can no longer accept additional submissions.

Please stay tuned for updates on our findings!

This comprehensive study will compare DAF gifts vs. traditional gifts. We’ll shed light on:

  • Your organization’s DAF advantage: See how your DAF fundraising stacks up against peers of similar size, type, and DAF strategy.

  • How DAF fundraising outcomes vary based on factors like:
    • Donor Behavior: Compare the giving patterns of DAF donors to traditional donors across metrics like retention rate, average gift size, second-gift timing, donation frequency, and seasonality.

    • Conversion Paths: Learn how many DAF donors start with your organization through other channels and how their giving evolves once they use a DAF.

    • DAF Trends: Gain insights into overall DAF giving growth and per-donor trends, helping you tailor your strategies.

Our goal with this study

Create a new benchmarking study that reports on individual donor behavior through the lens of DAF giving to help participating organizations and our industry begin to understand how DAF giving contributes to the individual giving fundraising landscape.

We hope to establish benchmarks on:

  • Individual DAF donor behavior
  • Nonprofit experiences with DAF giving
  • Nonprofit DAF tracking practices

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Photo of Carlos Pena
Carlos Pena
Director of Donor Advised Funds
International Rescue Committee

“This study is an absolute dream in terms of analysis both from an organizational as well as broader non-profit perspective”

Study Timeline

January 2024

Organizations Invited & Data collection begins

February 2024

Data Collection Closed

March 2024

All data captured and scrubbed

April 2024

Data processing begins

May 2024

Data refinement and alignment with questionnaire

June 2024

DAF Benchmark Study published

The study’s findings will be shared with study participants and key findings will be presented at conferences and in industry publications.

Any organization with at least $1 million in annual individual giving can participate! Selected organizations will be asked to complete an easy questionnaire about DAF strategy, management, and DAF presentation online and in the mail, and share 5-10 years of anonymized donor gift data (no PII will be accepted) through a secure transaction file.

We Know DAFs

K2D Strategies has years of experience navigating the DAF landscape, the DAF Secret Shopper Study in 2021 that revealed a gap in targeted DAF fundraising by nonprofits. Those results, drew replies from dozens of nonprofits who want to know how their DAF donor giving compares to their peers.

Chariot’s pioneering DAF payment integration, launched in 2021, is used by over 5,000 organizations and allows donors to give with their DAF directly on a nonprofit’s website or donation forms.


If have you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns you’d like to share, please get in touch with:

Karin Kirchoff
President, K2D Strategies


Mitch Stein
Head of Strategy, Chariot